ETIM – Electrode-Tissue Interface Modelling

We are working, both alone and as sub-contractors of third parties, on wide application of bio-impedance measurements in medical diagnostics.

For our internal use, we have created prototypes of electric glottograph, which we are planning to release as a counterpart to our voice analysis software.

During the work on bio-impedance measurement devices, there arose a need for a comprehensive tool for modelling AC flow in non-uniform media and particularly phenomena related to interaction between tissues and the interface part of the electric measurement apparatus.

ETIM – user interface
Example output of the ETIM: AC current density comparison (10 Hz and 2000 Hz) in a cell solution

Current flow – vectorized

Our experimental software is internally used in our company and is constantly enhanced in new features. Large effort has been put into maximum simplification of the process of building the physical model. ETIM can take into account compound interactions between electrodes, resulting from the external circuitry, which enables modelling of four-electrode measurements, shielding, etc. Additionally, many of the quantities characterizing the electric interface (e.g., the frequency of injected current) may be parametrized in order to determine the optimum parameters of the measurement system.