DiagNova Audio Interface

Our offer was expanded by the new dedicated digital interface for voice acoustic analysis.

DiagNova Audio Interface – dedicated digital audio interface

Main features of the device includes:

  • the possibility to measure absolute value of sound intensity,
  • the possibility to audio record with two-channel system,
  • full access to the interface settings from program DiagnoScope Specialist,
  • autonomous support of the whole audio track independent of the operating system (eg. Windows),
  • recommended for all acoustic analysis available in DiagnoScope Specialist, in particular, stress test, diagnostic acoustic analysis and the singers’ voice analysis,
  • works with dynamic and capacitive microphones (phantom power).

Technical characteristics:

  • one or two channels with sampling frequency of 22 050 Hz and 44 100 Hz
    or one channel with sampling frequency of 88 200 Hz,
  • USB 2.0,
  • resolution of 24 bits/sample,
  • 5 sensitivity ranges with calibrated gain.