We create innovative products in the field of specialist software and hardware for diagnostics and also we offer services like software installation and configuration, endoscope light source testing.


We are working on several innovative projects, both in software and hardware field.


  • DiagnoScope – this version is already available and it is used by individual practitioners in phoniatry and laryngology, and also in other medical specialties, where imaging devices are used for diagnostics, for example in ultrasound diagnostics. Basic features:
    • Video recording – easy and comfortable capturing and archiving of images from endoscope cameras or other imaging devices,
    • Module for kymography – work analysis of the vocal folds as a function of time at any cross-section of the vocal folds,
    • Phonovibrogram and vocal folds work parameters – functions extending the kymography module with vocal folds work parameters and visualization of phonovibrograms,
    • Templates for examinations in various medical specialties, i.e., ultrasound, created on client’s demand in order to allow easy and quick description of any standard examination,
    • Gastrointestinal endoscopy – archiving of pictures from flexible endoscope with camera on the end,
    • Voice analysis (module for laryngology/phoniatry specialties) – full voice analysis that allows to analyze recorded voice samples,
    • “A” vowel analysis module – diagnostic voice analysis based on “a” vowel extended phonation,
    • Phrase analysis module – diagnostic voice analysis based on any phrase or sentence,
    • Long phrase analysis module – allows to record long phrase or whole text for later diagnostic analysis of text fragment,
    • Voice organ capacity analysis module – voice capacity analysis based on time measurement and long-term parameters of the longest phonation,
    • Vocal loading test – vocal loading test defines how acoustic parameters value changes during reading a long text,
    • Singers’ voice analysis module – perfect for voice emission exercises, allows to diagnose voice disorders like dysphonia, module contain all standard tools used in singers’ voice assessment,
    • Speech disfluency analysis – voice sample analysis in segmental form, which is a vowel, phrase or sentence repeated several times; allows for speech fluency quality assessment (in example used in assessment of stuttering),
    • Advanced semi-automatic, configurable reporting,
    • Medical history of patient.
  • DiagnoStat Specialist – software for acoustic analysis parameters analysis determination of a single sample or a group of files, where analysis results can be previewed in a tabular form, what enables further statistic analysis.
  • VoicePrints is used for comparative analysis of two voice samples aimed at identification of speakers.
  • Voice analysis modules developed by the founders of DiagNova Technologies, currently owned by the Company, are used in third-party applications since 2002.


  • Endo-Light Profiler measuring device with dedicated software can measure light beam characteristics of light sources and medical fibers, imaging endoscopes’ endings, lasers, miniature light sources with narrow beams (laser diodes, LEDs).


Except specialist software and hardware, we offer software installation and endoscope light source testing services:

  • DiagnoScope program installation (previously named DiagnoVoice) directly at the customer with full configuration and adaptation to available imaging equipment. Offer also includes specialist examination forms preparation on clients demand.
  • Endoscope light source measurement is performed using precise light intensity distortion measurement device own construction.
  • Bioimpedance device (or other impedance measurement using device) constructed on clients demand.