DiagnoScope is our original software for comprehensive analysis of vocal folds function and endoscopic video recording (laryngology, gynecology, gastrology). There are two program versions available, Specialist version, designed for individual practitioners, and Clinic version, designed for polyclinics equipped with computer networks. In parallel, we are preparing to launch an Internet-based system for screening against larynx cancer.
Innovative module of DiagnoScope Specialist for assisting singers’ voice training. It contains all standard tools used in singers’ voice assessment, as voice profile and scale measurement in an mostly automated and enhanced-precision style. Additional features includes assessment of the quality of vocal folds function near the limits of the scale and near the register transitions.
Additional module – kymography in DiagnoScope Specialist is an analysis based on high-speed camera, line scan camera or stroboscope camera recording. Kymography is an vocal folds work analysis as a function of time at any cross-section of the vocal folds. This analysis allows to recognize defects in the vocal folds work (for example insufficiency of the vocal cords). Extended functions allow to parameterize vocal fold dynamics and produce phonovibrograms.
DiagnoStat – an environment for voice analysis parameters determination of a single sample or a group of samples. Analysis results can be saved in a tabular form and used for further statistic analysis. Software is based on samples generated using acoustic analysis environment – DiagnoScope Specialist.
VoicePrints – an environment for comparison of voice samples aimed at identification of speakers, including comprehensive spectrographic and parametric analyses. A preliminary version is already available and undergoes testing by our customers. It is used internally in our company for on-demand specialist comparative analysis of voice samples.
New dedicated digital interface for voice acoustic analysis DiagNova Audio Interface has, for example, possibility to measure absolute value of sound intensity, possibility to audio record with two-channel system, five sensitivity ranges with calibrated gain. This audio interface is recommended for all acoustic analysis available in DiagnoScope Specialist, in particular, in stress test, diagnostic acoustic analysis and the singers’ voice analysis.
Endo-Light Profiler measuring device with dedicated software can measure light beam characteristics of light sources and medical fibers, imaging endoscopes’ endings, lasers, miniature light sources with narrow beams (laser diodes, LEDs). We also offer a testing service of endoscope light sources and fibers with our measuring device.
Software and hardware for bio-impedance measurements, including self-developed dedicated software environment for analysis of interfacing between investigated tissues and the electronic measurement apparatus, which also allows detailed modeling of AC current flow in non-uniform media.
Dedicated software for custom 3D data presentation and 3D tissue modelling from 2D scans (tomographic X-ray, OCT)
Software and hardware for advanced medical imaging, including real-time classical video image processing and optical coherence tomography. Low-cost, mobile OCT-based surface imaging systems using a self-developed technical solution. Combining our OCT and bio-impedance solutions into a series of hybrid devices offering unique capabilities for medical (dentistry, dermatology, cosmetology) and technical applications (e.g., fooling-proof fingerprint sensors).